Baiting is a social engineering tactic with the goal of capturing your attention. Baiting can be found in search results, social media or emails. For businesses, baiting often comes across as a request for help. During the baiting attempt, victims are asked to verify company credentials and confidential information. This information can lay the foundation for future interactions with the social engineer.

Another form of baiting is more physical. Social engineers have been known to leave a USB somewhere at their target company. The label is appealing to employees, like “2020 Raises.” This tempts your employees to pick it up and plug it in, allowing the social engineer to have an entry point into your network. I bet you can think of an employee or 2 who would fall for this scam.

We take the security of our clients’ and prospects’ information very seriously. We are here to help with your company data and that includes training your employees on the ever-changing threat landscape of IT. We’d love to guide your employees through cybersecurity awareness training and simulated phishing campaigns. Please call (504) 372-1372 to schedule an appointment today!


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