The bottom line is a company’s workflow and data is always at risk. As a business grows, they have access to more sensitive information that puts them at risk.

Unfortunately, any threat that penetrates through a single endpoint such as a smartphone or computer has the potential to spread to other areas of a business’ IT infrastructure, leaving a business in danger. With every new piece of information that is gathered about a customer or even a vendor, companies become more vulnerable to breaches of security or invasive attacks against their workflow and data. That sensitive data can then be used against them for financial gain or even worse, forcing them into bankruptcy or early retirement.

With the recent ransomware events in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, it is clear that systems that house private information about our citizens are in need of stronger defense to keep that data safe.

How Are Small to Medium Size Businesses Affected by IT Security?

IT Security is the means a business uses to protect its data and online assets from cyber attacks. Large corporations are usually at a lower risk of cybercriminal activity because they have used their seemingly unlimited resources to create circle upon circle of security protocols for their online assets. Small to mid-size companies are usually at a disadvantage due to the lack of financial resources to hire qualified security team members.

The mistake that most small to mid-size companies make is believing that they are not at risk because they are small or seemingly uninteresting. It does not matter how big or small you are. The attacks that are occurring every 14 seconds around the globe are not targeted; these are automated attacks that scan for and attempt to exploit every known vulnerability in a network, computer, smartphone, employee, website, phone system– it doesn’t matter what the endpoint is. If it’s vulnerable, there is an automated attack that will try to exploit it and gain a foothold in your organization. The attackers only have to click a button and wait for your vulnerable system to respond.

How Yes Tech Approaches IT Security

Yes Tech focuses on providing their New Orleans-area customers with a holistic approach to security solutions that are designed to protect their networks. Our continuous monitoring of our customers’ IT systems allows us to stay alert for potential security threats and to eliminate them before they get a chance to invade a company’s workflow and put their business at risk.

If you’re looking for a local cybersecurity team, you should be looking for one that:

  • Manages daily backups
  • Does weekly file recovery to make sure backups are good
  • Patches vulnerable systems on a scheduled basis; immediately for 0-day vulnerabilities
  • Scans for published stolen material about your organization on the public internet or Dark Web to indicate a breach
  • Utilizes strong, trusted antivirus and EDR to protect against viruses and ransomware
  • Does DNS filtering
  • Manages and monitors all of the network entry systems in your environment, including firewalls, switches, and wireless access points
  • Can properly implement network segmentation
  • Can assist you with Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
  • Can educate your employees on security awareness and phishing

This is what we LOVE to do. We want to help you get there.