There is a cost to using free services such as public Wi-Fi. You pay for it with your private data.

Public Wi-Fi has no Privacy

Using public networks, whether they are wireless or wired, is always a risk. When using a public network that you or your business does not control, such as in a coffee shop or an airport, any private information that you access is at risk of being exposed. Your computer is essentially shouting from the rooftops whatever information you are accessing.

No choice? Use a VPN

If you are traveling or in an area where public Wi-Fi is the only option, you should install a VPN client to your computer and mobile device to encrypt and secure the information that is being transmitted across that connection. Yes Tech can provide a strong, secure VPN service for your devices for less than $5 per month. Once connected, the onlookers can’t see your private information!

Auto-Connect is not correct

Having a device automatically connect to known and remembered networks is a fast ticket to malware. Disable auto-connect and carefully choose the network you want.

Spot the Copycat

Hackers will sometimes create copycat networks with the same or similar names to existing, legitimate networks. These copycats will lack password protection to entice people into using them. When connecting to a network run by a person or a business, always confirm exactly which network is theirs and whether it’s supposed to be password-protected.

Password Preferred

Public, unprotected networks are more likely to be run by hackers looking for an easy target. When working remotely, always use a password-protected and secured network controlled and monitored by the business owner.

We can help you secure your networks and kick the onlookers out. It’s what we do. Call us at (504) 372-1372.

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