Microsoft 365 and Surface: Better together

Microsoft 365 and Surface are a perfect pair, designed to optimize user experience and bring each device to life. A modern workplace provides the collaborative, intelligent, and secure experiences required by today’s fast-paced organizations concerned with recruiting the best talent and staying ahead of security threats, Yes Tech can help you solve your business challenges.

Surface Pro 7

How can Microsoft Surface Pro 7 improve your business? Lightweight to carry from one location to the next, but powerful enough to run the apps you need. A battery that lasts all day, an irresistible 2-in-1 design, and all the built-in security considerations you’ve come to expect from Microsoft. Reach out to your contact at   for more information on how your organization can use #SurfaceforBusiness

Innovator’s Guide to Remote Working

Every day, in every industry around the world, the workplace is facing dramatic changes. With the right resources, you can ensure that your team stays connected while working remotely. Unlock the power of your Surface devices and inspire them to be more productive than ever before.

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Transitioning to Remote Work

Over the past few weeks, we have helped several of our customers transition their in-office operations to remote operations, securely and efficiently. The security of a home network, when it’s being used for work, is just as important to pay attention to as the business network. If you or someone Read more…

Types of Phishing Attacks, Part 5: Baiting

Baiting is a social engineering tactic with the goal of capturing your attention. Baiting can be found in search results, social media or emails. For businesses, baiting often comes across as a request for help. During the baiting attempt, victims are asked to verify company credentials and confidential information. This Read more…

Types of Phishing Attacks, Part 4: Pretexting

The term “pretexting” indicates the practice of presenting oneself as someone else to obtain private information. Usually, attackers create a fake identity and use it to manipulate the receipt of information. Attackers leveraging this method of social engineering use several identities that they have created during their carrier. The success Read more…