Creating A Robust Backup Plan

How to create a robust data backup plan (and make sure it works) The only thing worse than COVID-19 in 2020 was ransomware. Prominent crypto-malware strains like Jigsaw, Chimera, and …

Using VPN to Hide From Your ISP

VPN & Everything You’ve Never Wanted to Know About It

Your ISP has enormous insight into what you do online and your ISP can sell anonymized data about its customers whenever they want to. That means you’re paying them for internet access and they’re making money off of your data. Using a VPN will hide your internet activity from your ISP.

Zero-Touch Deployment: a Cornerstone of Modern Device Management

It can be challenging to find information on how to implement hardware solutions. Luckily, we have an eBook with details on how to ensure your devices are secure. All of your questions about device implementation can be answered in one place. Read on to learn how to make this process as pain-free as possible. #remotewithsurface

Microsoft 365 and Surface: Better together

Microsoft 365 and Surface are a perfect pair, designed to optimize user experience and bring each device to life. A modern workplace provides the collaborative, intelligent, and secure experiences required by today’s fast-paced organizations concerned with recruiting the best talent and staying ahead of security threats, Yes Tech can help you solve your business challenges.

Make the most of working remotely

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