Garmin Ransomware Attack

On Thursday, July 23rd Garmin started sending out a notice to its users that the company was experiencing an outage. A ransomware attack took Garmin’s websites, apps, internal communications, customer support services, and critically, Garmin hardware, software and databases that Read more…

Modern Endpoint Management

In today’s busy world, we’re all trying to make the most of our time. Now you have one less thing to worry about – updating and securing your Surface devices. Every Surface component from firmware to Windows 10 policy settings, can be managed by Intune and updated via Windows Update for Business. How will you spend your free time? #SurfaceforBusiness #ZeroTouchDeployment

Explore how Surface Go 2 can work for you

Have you met the Surface Go 2? With the ability to run powerful desktop software and the convenience of a tablet, you’ll never be unprepared for where your day takes you. Weighing only less than 1.2 pounds, Surface Go 2 goes where you go. #SurfaceforBusiness #SurfaceGo2