Modern Endpoint Management

In today’s busy world, we’re all trying to make the most of our time. Now you have one less thing to worry about – updating and securing your Surface devices. Every Surface component from firmware to Windows 10 policy settings, can be managed by Intune and updated via Windows Update for Business. How will you spend your free time? #SurfaceforBusiness #ZeroTouchDeployment

The Security Landscape of IT in 2020

Many small to medium businesses are unaware of the dangers of operating within the technology world of today. The common misconceptions are reflected in what SMB owners are saying: “We have antivirus software”, “We’re too small to be targeted”, “We don’t have anything hackers would want”. Small to medium businesses Read more…

4 Tips for Creating Strong, Secure Passwords

We will never finish encouraging our clients, friends, and family to use strong, secure passwords. Why? Because either they don’t know the risks at all (not many) or they know the risks and still choose to maintain poor password practices. A recent study performed by the cybersecurity company GoSecure finds Read more…

Dangers of using Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi Ain’t Free

There is a cost to using free services such as public Wi-Fi. You pay for it with your private data. Public Wi-Fi has no Privacy Using public networks, whether they are wireless or wired, is always a risk. When using a public network that you or your business does not Read more…

Explore how Surface Go 2 can work for you

Have you met the Surface Go 2? With the ability to run powerful desktop software and the convenience of a tablet, you’ll never be unprepared for where your day takes you. Weighing only less than 1.2 pounds, Surface Go 2 goes where you go. #SurfaceforBusiness #SurfaceGo2

Zero-Touch Deployment: A cornerstone of modern device management

Have you thought about how to manage your organization’s devices securely and remotely? Microsoft Zero-Touch Deployment could be your solution. Take care of remote onboarding, device updates, and security for your entire organization. Azure AD for Microsoft Surface can take your technology where it’s never been before. #SurfaceforBusiness

Modern Deployment in the Remote Workplace

With Zero Touch Deployment, Surface devices are ready to go, right out of the box. No time-intensive device imaging. No large upfront costs. Just an easy, streamlined, and instantaneous experience. The user unboxes their Surface device, which can be remotely imaged and ready for use with little or no interaction from them, and gets to work. Quick and simple.

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Introducing Microsoft Surface Book 3

Have you met the new Surface Book 3? It has the best graphics performance of any Surface laptop to date. The flexible 2-in-1 design adapts to the ways you work, whether you need a processor-powered tablet or a graphics-intensive studio.

#SurfaceforBusiness #SurfaceBook3

Innovator’s Guide to Remote Working

Every day, in every industry around the world, the workplace is facing dramatic changes. With the right resources, you can ensure that your team stays connected while working remotely. Unlock the power of your Surface devices and inspire them to be more productive than ever before.

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