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Businesses require the use of technology to thrive, but spending the time troubleshooting computer issues or building systems with data privacy and compliance in mind is where we come in. Technology can serve you well when it's implemented properly. We strive to make that a reality so that your business can do what it does best.


We learn about your business then build a plan to best utilize and understand your technology items.


Build a foundation and set the new standards. Remove the bottlenecks. Replace the weak spots.


With roadblocks out of the way, your business can move forward and we'll be there along the way!

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The Progress Blog

Some reading material and words of wisdom. See what we're up to and feel free to comment!

Transitioning to Remote Work

Over the past few weeks, we have helped several of our customers transition their in-office operations to remote operations, securely and efficiently. The security of a home network, when it’s being used for work, is Read more…

Types of Phishing Attacks, Part 4: Pretexting

The term “pretexting” indicates the practice of presenting oneself as someone else to obtain private information. Usually, attackers create a fake identity and use it to manipulate the receipt of information. Attackers leveraging this method Read more…